Pagero and IFS

Thanks to a long and close partnership between Pagero and IFS, we are able to offer our customers a global partnership agreement. Thanks to this agreement, all IFS’ customers can quickly and easily get started using Pageros services to handle electronic order- or invoice messages automatically, directly from IFS Applications.


Netting is used to streamline handling of internal invoices within groups of companies, municipalities and organisations with subsidiaries or different entities. Internal assets and liabilities are regularly adjusted to a net amount via a netting centre.


Our e-archive service gives you instant access to all your invoices, in the right format, in the way you prefer and according to existing regulations.


Attend one of Pagero’s free webinar sessions and learn more about how your enterprise can achieve streamlined AP operations by implementing vendor e-invoicing, regardless if your vendor invoice management is done locally or with a Financial Shared Service Center covering multiple markets.

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