Take control of your company’s internal
transactions with Pagero e-netting

”An ingenious concept that all major company groups could benefit greatly from.”

Ulf Claesson, IFS World Operations

Benefits of Pagero e-netting

  • Streamlined handling of internal invoices
  • Simplified planning of cash flow
  • Increased overview and control
  • Easy to implement
  • Support for handling different currencies
  • Independent of financial system
  • Easy to add new entities or subsidiaries
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Customer case IFS World Operations AB

About the company

IFS World Operations AB is part of the IFS group, which has its headquarters in Linköping, Sweden. IFS is a leading global supplier of business systems, primarily IFS Applications™.

  • Established in 1983
  • Listed on the Swedish stock exchange with over 2,200 customers
  • Active in just over 60 countries via both its own local offices and partners.
  • Yearly turnover of about BSEK 2.8. Half of this sum comes from internal invoices within the group.

In 2012, they started using Pagero’s value added service e-netting to make the handling of their internal invoices easier.

About Pagero’s e-netting service

“One of the main benefits of Pagero e-netting is the time we save,” explains Ulf Claesson, Finance Manager at IFS World Operations AB. “Compared with our previous netting solution, we have reduced the time we spend on the netting process by about 75%, a combination of using Pagero e-invoice and e-netting.“

“We have full traceability and control over all internal transactions because all invoices pass via one single channel, Pagero Online. We avoid deviations and we have rarely, if ever, experienced a single error, because the quality of the information has been considerably improved.”

“Another major benefit for IFS World Operations is being able to manage currency exchange, since we perform netting for 40 companies in 30 countries and a dozen different currencies.”

Read the entire interview with Ulf Claesson

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