Alwex digitalised their B2B and B2C invoice flows with Pagero

E-invoicing is growing in all industries

Transport and logistics company Alwex, headquartered in Växjö, Sweden, operates mostly in the Swedish province Småland. Because of the type of business Alwex is in, their customers operate in a range of industries. However, when it came to switching to e-invoicing, most of the customers that requested it were large construction companies.

“It was Skanska and PEAB, among others, that requested e-invoices. Since then, more and more have joined, and the use of e-invoicing is now growing in all industries”, say Jonas Karlsson, IT Manager, and Therese Gustavsson, Business Manager, at Alwex. “We began our partnership with Pagero in 2010, following the recommendation of the system supplier we used back then.”

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Great contact between Pagero and Alystra

Since Alwex first came into contact with Pagero, they have changed financial systems and are now using Visma and Alystra. Alystra is a system that is built especially for the transport industry. “The connection between Alystra and Pagero has worked very well ever since the implementation,” says Therese Gustavsson. “I send out the invoices via Alystra, and then they are automatically sent to Pagero Online. It is only if something is wrong on the invoices, or when I am going to add new customers, that I log into Pagero Online. I can usually add new customers myself, but if they have more complex demands, Pagero or Alystra will have to help me set up the connection.”

”The connection between Alystra and Pagero has worked very well ever since the implementation.”

E-invoicing to meet demands

“The demand for e-invoicing is growing in all industries. For example, many of our customers are municipalities, and they often have e-invoice handling as a qualification criterium in their tenders. Companies that cannot fulfil the requirement are immediately excluded from the procurement process. For that reason, it is absolutely necessary for us to be able to handle e-invoices,” says Jonas Karlsson.

Reduced B2C paper invoice volume as well

“Currently, 20 per cent of all our invoices are sent as e-invoices, but the goal is to not have to send any paper invoices at all. We have started a project that will make it possible for us to send e-invoices to private customers via Pagero’s B2C service, which will help decrease our paper invoice volume even more. It will be exciting to see what the result of this will be, since consumers is a large group that we send many paper invoices to”, says Therese Gustavsson.

”Currently, 20 per cent of all our are invoices are sent as e-invoices, but the goal is to not have to send any paper invoices at all.”

“It can sometimes be a bit tricky to set up a new customer, since they all have different demands when it comes to what type of information should and should not be included on the invoice. Once everything is set up, however, it usually works perfectly well. We would definitely recommend Pagero as a service provider”, says Jonas Karlsson.


About Alwex

Alwex Transport AB was founded in 2000, and the group consists of three subsidiaries: Alwex Intermodal, Alwex Recycling, and Alwex Lager & Logistik. The group is owned by 80 entrepreneurs, all of whom run their own businesses, primarily within the transport industry. Alwex is an expanding company that regularly invests in green transports and environmental sustainability. The company’s official goal is to become the leading service supplier of tailored transport solutions, contract services, storage and logistics solutions in southern Sweden. Alwex has 80,000 square metres of storage space at their disposal, as well as a fleet of 300 transport vehicles.