Blåkläder manages cross-border invoicing with Pagero


An e-invoicing partner to trust

AB Blåkläder has been using Pagero’s services for many years in order to send e-invoices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Since 2014, they have also been sending e-invoices via Pagero Online in the Netherlands and in Belgium. With a large number of business operations and customers in several different countries, it has been of great importance to have an e-invoice service provider that they can trust.


“We have really raised the efficiency of our invoice handling with Pagero,” says Christian Andersson, IT Manager AB Blåkläder. “We have a yearly invoice volume of approximately 217,000 outbound invoices, and the greatest advantage to us with Pagero’s services has been to reduce the manual handling of invoices and invoice administration. The transition from paper invoices to electronic invoices has also been very easy,” says Andersson.

Blåkläder use the services Pagero Server Connect with value added services PDF invoicing via e-mail and external print. This way, they are able to send all invoices electronically through one single channel – Pagero Online.

“It is a major advantage to our company group to be able to use Pagero’s services across several different countries. The implementation time has been extremely short. Our company is also very committed to reducing our environmental impact, which has been a part of our decision to choose electronic invoicing where possible. I can truly recommend Pagero as a service provider!” says Christian Andersson.


About Blåkläder

Blåkläder has produced and distributed working clothes since 1959, mainly for the Swedish market. They are one of Sweden’s largest manufacturers in the heavy-duty working garment field. The annual production is about 2 million garments, from their own factories. In addition to Sweden, Blåkläder  have representation in the following countries: Norway, Finland, England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, USA and Austria.