Bürkert increases efficiency with Pagero


E-invoicing to fulfil requests

Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fluid control systems. They switched to e-invoicing in 2012 when one of their customers requested it. First, Bürkert tried to engage the services of one of their sister companies’ suppliers. However, because of large problems in communication, they decided to partner up with Pagero instead and they have been very satisified with their services ever since.

“The reason why we switched to Pagero was that we were never able to get our project off the ground with the other supplier,” says Annika Sörensen, Finance & Controlling Manager at Bürkert. “After two years’ time, the communication was still not working. Then we contacted the customer that had requested e-invoicing, and they recommended Pagero. The dialogue with Pagero worked really well and we were well taken care of right from the start. There were no problems during the initial start-up phase and Pagero quickly explained and implemented the customised solutions we needed to be able to reach some of our customers.”

Plans to increase the e-invoice flow

The partnership between Pagero and Bürkert is soon going to be developed further. It will begin in Norway where several of Bürkert’s customers are already online. “Just like in Sweden, the switch to e-invoicing was initiated by customer requests. We have also launched a project in Germany. The German market is large, and many of our German customers are able to and want to receive e-invoices. We are hoping that we will be able to increase the number of e-invoices we send to our customers in other countries as well. However, that is a process that takes time because of both internal and external reasons.”

“I am working on increasing the interest in e-invoicing internally within our business group and have suggested that we work proactively with our customers by actively offering e-invoicing. It simplifies the administrative process for both our clients and us, and it also saves time and money. Furthermore, it increases efficiency, and we are seeing a positive payment flow.”

“The dialogue with Pagero worked really well and we were well taken care of right from the start.”

“Establishing the partnership with Pagero and starting with e-invoicing can be seen as a one-time job. Once you have started, it is easy to add new customers and maintain existing ones. I try to increase our e-invoice flow by regularly logging into Pagero Online to check which customers I can find in the database and then add them to our network. Most of our clients have been easy to add to the flow. It has only been some of the larger companies that are divided into different sections and departments that have been more complicated. However, there have not been any major issues to deal with, and if I have not been able to sort them out myself, I have asked Pagero for help.”

Internal and external benefits of e-invoicing

“There are both internal and external benefits of using e-invoicing. Externally, being able to offer customers e-invoicing creates value. We are not just delivering products; we are also providing service, and now one of the services is e-invoicing. The feedback from our customers has been positive. The customer that first asked to receive e-invoices is also one of our largest clients, both when it comes to revenue and the number of deliveries so it felt good to be able to comply with their request, which was more or less a demand. I know that they now demand that new suppliers must be able to send them e-invoices, which I think is a good thing. E-invoicing benefits our company internally as well. We use much less paper, which has cut costs and is good for the environment. It makes a big difference if I send out five paper invoices per day instead of 30.”

”I think we have a really good partnership with Pagero.”

The partnership with Pagero

“I think we have a really good partnership with Pagero. I have always felt that they provide very good help, they are committed and they have provided us with great support. It is positive for us as a business group that Pagero is an international supplier. It makes it much simpler for us when we can use the same partner in many of the countries we are operating in. I think it is very likely that several of our international sister companies will have established partnerships with Pagero as well in a few years. Therefore, I am looking forward to continuing to work with Pagero.”


About Bürkert

Bürkert was founded in 1946 by Christian Bürkert, who began developing and manufacturing innovative products based on the needs of that time, such as thermal control systems for incubators, foot warmers and kitchen stoves. Over the years, the company gradually became more focused on valve technology and grew into the leading supplier of industrial solenoid valves. Today, Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fluid control systems, offering products ranging from simple valves to high-tech sensors – top-quality products keeping in line with the latest technology.