Glitre Energi saves a lot of time with Pagero


From manual to automatic processes

When Glitre Energi AS began using Pagero’s services, they were one of the first companies in Norway to start with e-invoicing. Since then, they have experienced an explosion in the development of companies that have started to use digital invoicing solutions, says Bent Gabrielsen, Systems Coordinator at Glitre Energi.

Inbound invoices/year

Glitre Energi uses Pagero Server Connect with the value added service invoice scanning. Pagero Server Connect is a fully automated solution for sending and receiving e-invoices which is ideal for large company groups. Thanks to the scanning solution, the entire invoice flow is handled via Pagero Online. Suppliers who can send e-invoices do so and those who do not have this capability can send paper or PDF invoices. These are sent to Pagero’s scanning center and thereafter directly sent into Glitre Energis ERP system after the content has been verified and converted into a digital document. This is how Glitre Energi eliminates the manual handling of paper invoices, and the group receives a 100% electronic invoice flow, which is both more efficient and more environmentally friendly than before.

”I always recommend Pagero when I talk to others regarding the choice of service provider,” says Bent Gabrielsen, who considers Pagero to be at the forefront in terms of e-invoicing solutions including all their value added services. ”The solutions we have now have completely changed everyday work for those handling our invoicing! Previously it was incredibly time-consuming and tedious work to manage all invoicing manually, with Pagero Server Connect and invoice scanning, everything is done automatically.”

”Our experience is that many companies are starting to realize the benefits of e-invoicing and it has really started to take off. We receive e-invoices from both large and small companies,” Bent Gabrielsen continues. ”If you have a small business that sends or receives one or two invoices per year, it is clear that one might think that e-invoicing doesn’t pay off. If you handle large invoice volumes, it’s simply a great investment and for us it makes supplier invoice handling extremely simple and efficient.”

”Also, I think Pagero has been very accommodating regarding service and support. The cooperation with both project managers and the support department has worked very well and they have always responded swiftly to any of our questions. I believe that Pagero differs from other service providers and we truly feel that they have listened to our suggestions and actually implemented new solutions that we have requested, for example multi company support. It is a unique service in the market and at least is something that Glitre Energi has been longing for,” Bent Gabrielsen concludes.


Company facts

Glitre Energi is an energy and grid company which consists of the business areas Production (Glitre Energi Produksjon AS), Infrastructure (Glitre Energi Nett AS), Market (Glitre Energi Strøm AS) and other areas (fiber, construction, district heating, environmental heating and development of renewable energy) . Glitre Energi is owned by Buskerud fylkeskommune through the company Vardar and Drammen municipality which holds a 50% stake each.