Kovanen has great confidence with Pagero’s services

Keeping vital invoice information

Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy is a family business that has become one of the most well-known transport companies in Finland in the 37 years since it was founded. The company offers their customers high-quality solutions for transporting both goods and passengers.

Kovanen Yhtiöt started using Pagero’s services in 2011. “We used to have the same problem with both our inbound and outbound invoices. When we converted the invoice to the Finvoice format, some information was lost and the invoice presentation could not be enclosed. Losing so much vital information, of course, caused problems for our customers. We do not have that kind of problems anymore”, says Anja Vaaja, Administration Manager at Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy.

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Accurate and sufficient data with Pagero

“Thanks to Pagero’s e-invoice services, the invoice presentation is always enclosed with the e-invoice, which means that the customer will always have the information they need. Our customers are very happy and our employees working on reviewing invoices are also very grateful that things have changed. For example, some of the collective invoices that we get from our suppliers are 10 pages long. Administrating these invoices used to be an impossible task because information was lost when data fields on the invoices did not match. Thus, handling invoices has become a considerably easier task”, says Anja Vaaja.

“When the invoice presentations were not enclosed, a lot of vital information was lost, which of course caused problems for our customers. We do not have that kind of problems anymore.”

Integration with different financial systems

Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy uses two different ERP-systems in addition to the financial system Sonet. “We switched to a new system this summer for our passenger transport business and we are going to do the same for our freight transportation business as well. No matter which system we use or how we have chosen to modify it, there has never been a problem integrating the system with Pagero’s services.”

Safety, functionality and environmental friendliness

“Pagero’s solution offers a very functional and reliable way to send and receive invoices and the confirmation messages verify that the invoice has been received. Some of the other benefits of Pagero’s services are that they are very functional and easy to use. Pagero’s Virtual Printer is very uncomplicated to use and the help we get from the support team is remarkable. The users have been extremely satisfied with the solution”, says Anja Vaaja. “Another positive thing is that invoices do not disappear from the system, which sometimes happened before. And, older invoices are saved in the system where they are can be transferred to our accounts payable and receivable.” Environmental friendliness is also important to Kovanen Yhtiöt and the reduced paper consumption has meant that the company has been able to cut costs, which of course is most welcome.

“We had great confidence in Pagero right from the start and everything has worked really well!”

A time saver

Another benefit with Pagero’s services is how fast the process of handling invoices has become. “When invoices are sent to the customer by external print it takes some time to handle and mail them of course, but we still save time on not having to handle them manually ourselves”, continues Anja Vaaja. “In the same way, we save time on the receiving end because we do not have to scan the invoices ourselves.”

Great confidence in Pagero

“We had great confidence in Pagero right from the start and everything has worked really well”, says Anja Vaaja. “Pagero’s e-invoice services meet all our needs and we are extremely satisfied with the solution. I feel sure that our well working collaboration will continue and would never hesitate to recommend Pagero’s services to others.”


Customer facts

The family owned company Kovanen Yhtiöt Oy was founded as a transport company in 1978. Today, the company offers both passenger transportation and freight transportation via their subsidary Kovanen Logistics Oy. Kovanen Yhtiöt offers their customers taxi services and charter transportation services, each with their own value added services. The transported goods are mainly food products; both frozen, refrigerated and dry. The chilled foods terminals are located in Turku, Tampere and Vantaa, Finland.