Kruse Smith fulfils all legal requirements in Norway with Pagero


E-invoicing to fulfil legal requirements

Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS first started sending e-invoices via Pagero in 2013. One of the main reasons that they started with outbound e-invoicing was the legal requirements for sending e-invoices to the government and municipalities in Norway.

Outbound invoices/year
0.5 BNOK

About finding the right service provider

“It was like a jungle of different e-invoicing providers out there and a lot for us to get our heads around when we were to decide which service provider we wanted to use for our outbound invoices”, says ERP-Manager Karin Heide Arnesen, and Accountant Berit Coldal at Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS.

“We already had a solution for our inbound e-invoices via our ERP system, Agresso, and they recommended Pagero as a service provider. After a thorough market research with reference checks and a careful consideration of several service providers, we selected Pagero. The sales process was a very positive experience for us. Pagero really showed a high level of competence and a genuine interest in us.”

“Pagero Online is easy to use, and the invoices fulfill strict requirements on content, format and security. This allows us to send e-invoices to the government and municipalities in addition to our other customers.”

One operator for all their needs

“One major advantage with Pagero is that they are not only an access point, but also a format converter, which ensures much higher quality and security. It is easy to add new recipients, and most of our customers are already listed in both the ELMA registry and in Pagero’s network. We are also able to reach customers outside ELMA. We are actually surprised of how easy it has been to implement Pagero’s services, and the response from our customers as well as internally has been very positive”, says Ms. Heide Arnesen and Ms. Coldal.

Reduced payment periods and handling time

“Invoice files are directly transferred to the recipient, reducing the handling time of invoices as well as the payment periods, which is of great value to us.”

“With Pagero, we have been able to save money since we are fully dependent on sending electronic invoices in the EHF format to governmental entities and municipalities. If we had not been able to fulfill these requirements, we would risk losing several contracts. It is also important for our company to stay in front edge with the development.”

In line with the company’s green profile

“Another important focus for us has definitely been to reduce our environmental impact. We maintain a green profile throughout our company, and choosing environmentally friendly solutions in order to reduce transports and lower our use of paper is a top priority. Today, we send 25% of our invoices electronically. The market is rapidly expanding and our goal is to constantly increase our e-flow.”

“We feel that Pagero is a business partner that we can trust, who delivers clever solutions and high quality.”

High quality solution and exceptional service

“We feel that Pagero is a business partner that we can trust, who delivers clever solutions and high quality. We have encountered very few problems, which really deserves to be highlighted. The few times we have been in touch with Pagero’s support, they have been exceptional. We have been extremely pleased with Pagero since day one, and we truly recommend Pagero as a service provider!” says Karin Heide Arnesen and Berit Colbo.


About Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS

Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS is a subsidiary of Kruse Smith AS, and is a family owned company. Established in Kristiansand in 1935, the company is today one of Norway’s leading entrepreneurs and real estate developers. The Kruse Smith-group is organized in the business areas construction, engineering, building renewal and housing- and real estate. Their primary market area is Southern Norway, with undertakings across the country. Kruse Smith has 980 employees, with an estimated turnover of 3.9 BNOK.