Mälarenergi reduces their carbon footprint with Pagero’s services


An environmentally friendly solution

Mälarenergi delivers electricity, heating, cooling, water and fast communications solutions to their customers in the Stockholm-Mälaren Region in Sweden. Complementing their IFS ERP system, the company switched to e-invoicing during fall 2013, partly to streamline their operations, but first and foremost to find a more environmentally friendly solution.

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In line with the company’s environmental policy

“When it came to the eco-friendliness of our operations, it felt like we were stuck in the Stone Age”, says Helena Walser, finance assistant at Mälarenergi. ”We wanted to streamline our operations and thanks to our new finance manager, who also wanted to move forward, it became possible for us to receive supplier invoices electronically.”

“Mälarenergi has implemented several environmental and sustainability projects and switching to e-invoicing keeps in line with the company’s general environmental policy.”

“In the finance department, we want to do our part to make sure that the environmental aspect is always taken into account. Mälarenergi has implemented several environmental and sustainability projects and switching to e-invoicing keeps well with the company’s general environmental policy.”

Both e-invoicing and scanning with Pagero

“We came into contact with Pagero when we put out a request for bids from other companies because we wanted to see what different types of suppliers there were on the market. After considering different bids, we decided to choose Pagero as our e-invoice service provider. In the beginning we still scanned all our invoices ourselves, but about a little more than a year ago, Pagero became our scanning service provider as well.”

Switching to e-invoicing has been easier than expected

“Last year we worked very hard on trying to get the information out to our suppliers that we wanted to receive our invoices electronically. Most of the time they get on board with us right away and it is often the smaller companies that are the most friendly and benevolent. They hear our request and want to follow our example because they are also concerned about the environment, want to cut costs for postage and so on.”

“The greatest benefit of Pagero’s services, besides that they are environmentally friendly, is that our operations have become more efficient.”

“Looking at the whole consolidated group, we receive about 45 000 invoices per year. Our goal for 2015 was that PDF-invoices and e-invoices should make up 50 % of all our inbound invoices. We managed to reach our goal with PDF- and e-invoices making up 52 % of the total amount of invoices, which of course made us very happy. I was very doubtful about whether or not we would be able to reach our goal at the beginning, but everything went much better than expected. It feels like our investment has paid off. We were concerned that it might not be possible to contact all our suppliers and get them to switch to e-invoicing but there was never any problem with that. Our goal is to increase the share of e-invoices even more in the future.”

Pagero’s services are time-efficient

“The greatest benefit of Pagero’s services, besides the environmental aspect, is that our operations have become more efficient. We receive e-invoices much faster than paper invoices that are sent to us by post, which leaves us with more time to get them through the approval and payment processes. It takes less time to administrate an invoice now. Thus, using Pagero’s services has helped increase our performance.”

Help and assistance from Pagero Support Center

“I am very happy with Pagero as a service provider in general, but especially with the processes of implementing both the e-invoicing and scanning solutions. I was a bit nervous at first because one does not generally want to hand over to someone else something that one can do oneself. We have, however, received great support during the implementation of both these projects. Our contact with Pagero Support Center has been very good. They always reply to us very quickly and the answers are always easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend Pagero’s services to other companies.”

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