NGS Finland feels well taken care of by Pagero

Saving time, money and the environment

Nordic Service Group Finland OY started using Pagero’s e-invoice services in August 2014, after having changed their ERP system and no longer had the possibility of sending e-invoices.


“Going back to paper invoicing was not an option for us, as it is much more time consuming. We also have a number of customers that require e-invoices. We were recommended Pagero as a service provider by word of mouth, and decided to contact them ourselves. Ever since our first contact, Pagero has been magnificent and we could not have asked for a better service provider. We were pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was to get started with Pagero’s services. In a matter of weeks we had met and signed with Pagero, with our new e-invoicing service up and running shortly after,” says Arto Toivanen, Country Manager, Nordic Service Group Finland.

Nordic Service Group uses Pagero Connect including the value added service External Print. All customers that accept e-invoices receive them electronically, and remaining customers receive paper invoices. The process of sorting which customers can receive e-invoice or paper is done automatically in Pagero’s cloud based network, Pagero Online.

“The largest impact on our company with Pagero e-invoicing has definitely been the extensive time savings. The solution is really easy to use and understand. Pagero e-invoicing saves time, money and the environment, neither of which are to be spent carelessly. Pagero has taken great care of us and solved all our problems. My advice is definitely to contact Pagero if you are in need of an e-invoice service provider, and they will find the very best solution for your company’s needs as they did for us. I recommend Pagero as a service provider!” says Toivanen.


About Nordic Service Group

Nordic Service Group is an independent service organisation based in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The company consists of a competent team of technical engineers handling installations, repair and maintenance of instruments for laboratories, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. Nordic Service Group are market leaders in their field. Their business is founded on professional competence, motivation and commitment. Nordic Service Group Finland OY is based in Vantaa outside Helsinki.