Pac AB handles their entire invoice flow via one channel with Pagero


Change of service provider

Pac AB previously used another e-invoice service provider, but chose to contact Pagero as they knew about the company from using their e-payment services. Pac wanted a complete invoice solution which included e-invoices, paper invoices, PDF-invoices and payment reminders, which Pagero was able to offer.

“Several of our customers in the public sector had requested e-invoices. This is why I started to search for a new service provider,” says Mats Nyström, Financial manager, Pac AB.

“We were dissatisfied with our previous service provider, since they had not been in touch with us once since we first started using their services. They might have been able to offer us something similar to Pagero’s solutions, but since they never showed any interest in us as customers, it was an easy choice for us to change to another service provider. At the same time, we knew that Pagero were good, based on our previous experience from their e-payment services.”

“I regularly received emails from Pagero about their services and had the impression that they would suit us perfectly well. That is why I decided to contact Pagero. I got in touch with a very nice sales representative, and from then we had our e-invoice services up and running in no time. It was important for us to achieve a complete e-flow via one single service provider, which is precisely what we have done. Everything works as it should – flawlessly!”


Saving money with one e-flow

“The greatest advantage for us with Pagero is that the services work without errors. We also save a lot of money – which is always good! Our internal invoice handling is much more efficient and we do not have to deal with several different operators. We can now send all invoices, credit invoices, payment reminders and late payment interest invoices once a day, and everything is sent simultaneously via one single channel,” Mr. Nyström says.

“The personal relationship we have established with Pagero is very important to us and has resulted in a pleasant and trustworthy business relation that we wish to continue in the future.”

Quality and environment

“With Pagero, we have obtained a solution that is basically never failing. Should an error occur, it is usually caused by an invalid email address or that we have entered something incorrectly in an invoice field.”

“Our company focuses on quality and the environment, which is why we select environmentally friendly solutions whenever possible. For every invoice we send electronically or via PDF, we are saving the environment. Those who cannot receive invoices electronically get PDF-invoices, and the rest receive their invoices in the good, old fashioned way by mail. The sorting process automatically takes place in Pagero Online. We have around 55.000-60.000 transactions each year, including invoices, credit invoices and payment reminders. In other words, we save time and money, and it is really, really easy!”

In Pagero we trust

“We are extremely satisfied with Pagero and they have shown a genuine interest in us as customers. We have a nice, personal relationship with both our salesperson and the support team. We also feel that we can trust Pagero and have never regretted replacing our previous service provider.”

“Of course we have to pay for Pagero’s services but the cost is almost a joy to pay considering what we get in return. The personal relationship we have established with Pagero is very important to us and has resulted in a pleasant and trustworthy business relation that we wish to continue in the future,” Mr. Nyström says.


About Pac AB

Pac AB started in 1973 as a supplier of shoe cartons. Today, Pac is a full-range wholesale dealer that offers every type of packaging to every type of business. Pac purchases products from the best packaging suppliers in the world, and they also develop customized designs developed by their graphic designers. Pac’s headquarters are situated in Örebro, with sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall.