Renta Group implemented a reliable e-invoice solution in record time


From one office to a rental network

Renta Group Oy is a construction machines and tools leaser, started in 2016 by the merger of Telinekymppi Oy, Kehä-Kone Oy and Jasoca Oy. The rental operations have grown rapidly and, in a single year, the company has expanded from one office to a full-grown rental network with 20 service points across Finland.

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Fast growth rate demanded a flexible supplier

The cooperation between Renta Group and Pagero began in May 2016. “We were already familiar with Pagero and had had a positive experience of them in the past. In the situation we were in, with a very high growth rate, we needed a reliable service provider that could get us connected quickly and smoothly. Our impression of Pagero was that they were that kind of service provider, and it turned out to be true”, says Lauri Matikainen, Finance Manager at Renta Group.

“Renting construction machines is our so-called Greenfield Project. It was built up from scratch in just one year. The fast growth rate demanded a highly flexible service provider and Pagero’s fast workflow and direct contacts with their customers was just what the situation required.”

”Pagero’s fast workflow and direct contact with their customers was just what the situation required.”

Uncomplicated implementation

“Renta Oy was the first company in the group to start using Pagero’s services. This began shortly after Jasoca Oy was purchased and, at that point in time, our transaction volumes approached several hundred outbound invoices per month. The other companies in the group have now, each in turn, switched to Pagero.”

“The implementation process has been very uncomplicated, and on one occasion the connection was set up and the service up and running in 24 hours after the order was placed. The need to connect one of the companies came at a surprising time for us. At the turn of the year 2016/2017, we needed to implement the solutions very quickly. The invoice flow was up and running in just one day. I think that was remarkably well-handled by Pagero.”

Record fast setup regardless of system

“In connection with the implementation process, we also began to move the whole group to one common financial system,” says Antti Nuutinen, IT Manager at Renta Group. “We have carried out several integration processes for both our outbound and inbound invoices successively and in a rather short period of time. Connecting the inbound invoice flow has also brought with it a new financial system. We receive and process our purchase invoices in Palette Arena. We send our sales invoices from two systems: TK-Vuokrat and Lixani.”

“Regardless of system concerned, getting connected has been a smooth process every time. The best thing about all of it is that the services were implemented in record time. One of the reasons that the project was so easily carried out was Pagero’s expertise. Throughout the whole project, we received help from the same person who knew how things should be done. Pagero’s flexibility and fast response time have been one of the most remarkable differences compared to similar projects in the past.”

Safe delivery and reduced workload

“The benefit of e-invoicing is first and foremost fast and safe delivery, both of inbound and outbound invoices. Outsourcing invoice delivery and scanning has simplified our invoice management processes a lot, since we do not have to worry about mailing and delivering invoices,” says Lauri Matikainen.

“The machine rental industry is an invoice-intensive industry, and the transaction volumes increase with the company growth. It would be extremely hard to manage the mailing and scanning of paper invoices ourselves. Pagero’s solution makes invoice management a simple and cost-effective process.”

“The implementation process has been very uncomplicated, and on one occasion the connection was set up and the service up and running in 24 hours after the order was placed.”

Environmentally friendly choice and invoices in the customers’ preferred formats

“Another benefit of e-invoicing is the green values—it saves both money and nature. This is, of course, an active choice, and we invest a lot in both the inbound and outbound invoice flow to increase our e-invoice volume.”

“Another thing we really appreciate with Pagero is that we can send out all invoices in whichever format our customer wants. Thanks to Pagero’s services we can for example, send invoices as PDF -files via e-mail directly from our financial system.”

Fast response time and help when needed

“We also appreciate the access to Pagero’s support services and the fast response time. We are still, in practice, a start-up company working in fast cycles, which requires immediate action. Considering this, one can easily say that Pagero’s way of working has suited us very well.”

Plans to grow with only one service provider

Renta’s customer base is very broad and since machines are needed in many different industries, it consists of consumers, construction companies, the service sector, manufacturing companies etc. The group currently only operates in Finland, but expanding to other markets is part of the plans for the future.

“Renta Group’s vision is to create an international machine rental chain based in northern Europe,” says Lauri Matikainen. “Our goal is to be the most modern player in the market, and we are constantly working on developing different digital services to improve customer experience. Thanks to Pagero, our services work with the help of only one service provider regardless of market.”


About Renta Group

Renta Group is a newly started machines and tools rental chain. It was formed in 2016 with the merging of three well-known companies, Telinekymppi Oy, Kehä-Kone Oy and Jasoca Oy. The company offers modern construction machines and tools, steel scaffolds, and weather protection systems, as well as transport-, installation- and dismantling services for professional use. Renta Group has 130 employees, and the 2016 turnover was 20 MEUR.