RICOH Sweden improves their cash flow with Pagero


E-invoicing to streamline administration

RICOH Sverige AB decided to start with e-invoicing for several reasons. One important reason was that the company wanted to streamline its administration. Furthermore, the company received many demands from customers to start e-invoicing. Also, e-invoicing was a requirement for participation in public procurement.

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”It was very easy to start using Pagero’s e-invoicing services. Pagero took care of everything and it was one of the easiest implementations we have experienced. Previous projects have been much more cumbersome and demanding”, says Lena Löfquist, Finance Manager at RICOH Sweden AB. ”We also enjoyed the cooperation with the account manager and project manager at Pagero. Most issues are solved with good relations and clear communication.”

Pagero’s e-invoicing services have had a very positive impact on RICOH’s business. ”We have achieved our goal to streamline our invoicing”, says Lena Löfquist. ”We have improved our cash flow thanks to shorter DSO. In addition, our customer service has improved since it is easier for us to answer questions about the invoices.”

“We also avoid sending false invoices to a much larger extent, however, if problems should occur it is easy to correct them. Furthermore, it is easy to track invoices if they for some reason did not reach the recipient. E-invoicing is also a good investment for the future as the interest is growing rapidly.”


About RICOH Sweden

RICOH group is a leading global provider of solutions in advanced, customer-focused technology for office and printing works. The original driving force to deliver products for document management has evolved to also offer extensive IT solutions and services through consulting or outsourcing. Focus areas include IT operations, infrastructure and printing services. RICOH Sweden has a nationwide organization with operations in 26 locations with total sales amounting to 1,500 billion SEK.