Staples are impressed by Pagero’s high-quality service and support


Customer demands and cost efficiency

Staples Finland Oy is part of the world leading Staples group, established in 1986, that offers a full range of office supplies and easy purchase solutions..Staples Finland started implementing e-invoicing services in 2009, initially for their purchase invoices. Auri Pakkanen, Financial Controller, Staples, explains that the reason was partly customer demands and partly to reduce the time spent on invoice handling.

Because of the increasing competition in the market, cost efficiency was also one of the reasons that the invoice handling process needed to be revised. “The competition in our industry is very tough, so despite positive results, we had to take cost efficiency into account,” says Poul Lindqvist, CFO, Staples. “E-invoicing is clearly more economical than paper invoicing and also enables us to reduce the number of working hours. We’re saving hundreds of thousands of crowns every year.”

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The overall picture decisive

Many aspects were taken into account when Staples selected Pagero as a service provider. “The overall picture was decisive. The price and the impression we got of the solution and the simplicity of using Pagero Online – everything was there. Pagero was one step ahead on everything. High quality was visible everywhere when we compared with the competitors,” says Mr Lindqvist.

“Pagero was one step ahead on everything. High quality was visible everywhere when we compared with the competitors.”

Easy solutions for every situation”

Staples’s customers are companies of all sizes, in both the public and private sectors. The procurement process is made as easy as possible for them, and now Staples can also include e-invoice handling in their offering.

”Some of our customers want their invoices once a week and some on a monthly basis. Some invoices are sent separately. All variants exist. The yearly invoice volume is relatively high, 144 000 outbound invoices, of which 75 % are being electronic at the moment,” Mrs Pakkanen says.

Cross border invoices and enhanced invoice layout

Staples used to handle their cross border invoices completely manually. “With Pagero’s help this has changed and the invoice handling has improved enormously. The transition went very well, both translations and invoice layouts came in place at the first attempt,” says Mr Heinonen.

Staples had a lot of ideas regarding the invoice layout that they wanted to develop and lots of improvements have been made. “With Pagero’s help, the layout has changed into a clear and easy-to-read format”, Mr Heinonen says.

“The support team is very actively engaged in us and we are extremely satisfied with the service.”

Getting started

Staples felt secure about changing to another service provider. ”Everything seemed to work very well and we also had a very good impression of Pagero’s quality, and for this reason we felt good about getting started”, says Mr Lindqvist. “There is always a risk that something goes wrong, but it didn’t. Everything went well.”

Competent support and immediate response

All three Staples representatives are unanimous regarding Pagero’s service and support. “We can really recommend Pagero based on the experiences we have of them. Their support team provides very good and fast service”, says Mr Lindqvist.

“The knowledge that Pagero has is exceptional and we get informative answers right away”, says Mrs Pakkanen. “We want our invoices to reach the recipients quickly and not discover weeks later that they have not been delivered. Pagero Online is good in that sense as well, we get confirmation messages immediately. We can follow the invoices ourselves, but if there is any error Pagero’s support team will notice them as well. The support team is very actively engaged in us and we are extremely satisfied with the service,” says Mrs Pakkanen.


About Staples Finland Oy

Staples Finland Oy is a part of the world’s leading delivery and retail chain Staples, that offers a full product range of office and industrial supplies and easy purchase solutions. Staples serves businesses of various sizes through their product- and purchasing network. Staples operates in 26 countries, with more than 88 000 employees, throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.