B & B TOOLS are making large cost savings with Pagero


140,000 invoices per year

TOOLS Sweden started using Pagero’s services in 2012, and today they can both send and receive e-invoices via Pagero. TOOLS Sweden is part of the company group B & B TOOLS, which previously consisted of several subsidiaries across Sweden, all with individual financial systems and invoicing processes. Some time ago, they decided to merge all their Swedish companies into one: TOOLS Sweden AB.

Today, the company has a financial centre that handles all invoices, with one shared financial system and the same invoicing process for all customers and suppliers. With the help of Pagero’s services, TOOLS Sweden handles 140,000 e-invoices every year.

Some of their subsidiaries had used Pagero’s services earlier, and after a thorough market analysis and based on previous experiences, they selected Pagero, says Mr. Gustaf Johansson, Head of Business Integration, B & B TOOLS Infrastructure AB.

0.5 BSEK

High level of network connections

“Electronic invoice handling is of great value to us and Pagero’s services work perfectly well. We have achieved a high level of customer and supplier connections to our network in a relatively short period of time. Our customers are increasingly demanding e-invoices from us, not just in the public sector but also the private sector where both large and small customers and suppliers want to send or receive e-invoices in order to increase the efficiency of their invoice handling.”

“Both the support- and sales department at Pagero are remarkable. We have had close contact since day one, with good conversations and great follow up.”

Saving money with e-invoicing

“E-invoicing has led to large cost savings for our company since it is considerably cheaper to send invoices electronically than on paper. The environmental benefits of e-invoicing are also very important to us in order to reduce our transports and paper usage. Pagero’s services have allowed us to do so,” Mr. Johansson explains.

Remarkable service

“The platform, Pagero Online, is a great tool. It is easy to find and add customers and suppliers, we have complete overview of all invoices and we can easily review invoices that are incorrect.”

“Pagero also has a brilliant support team, with quick response times and skilled personnel whenever we encounter a problem. Both the support- and sales department at Pagero are remarkable. We have had close contact since day one, with good conversations and great follow up,” Mr. Johansson says.

Close relationship and pleasant dialogue

“We send between 400-800 invoices every day, and seeing that our volume of in- and outbound invoices is so high, it is safe to say that Pagero has been an important investment to us and we have a very good business relation. We hope to continue expanding together in the future and to maintain the same close relationship and pleasant dialogues that we have today. We strongly recommend Pagero’s services!” Mr. Gustaf Johansson says.


Customer facts

B & B TOOLS Group is Northern Europe’s leading supplier of products and services for industrial workers and craftsmen. The company group consists of more than 2,000 customer consultants and offer the largest product warehouse in the Nordics. B & B TOOLS has more than 200 stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Sweden, the group has more than 1,000 employees and a turnover of approximately 2.5 BSEK.