///Partner with Pagero for streamlined AP Automation processes
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Partner with Pagero for streamlined AP Automation processes

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27 June, 10:00 – 10:45 AM (CEST)

Webinar description

Technology is years ahead of the adoption curve where most organisations still print PDF invoices and key them back into their financial system. Instead of spending numerous hours developing the service yourself, partner with Pagero and use our cloud based network connecting more than 2 500 000 businesses.

With the help of Pagero’s AP Automation solution, your customers will be able to streamline their accounts payable processes, eliminate the need for data quality tools and reduce cycle times by receiving all their supplier invoices electronically through the Pagero network. Ensure data quality and minimise error-handling, regardless of your suppliers’ processes and capabilities. Pagero’s workflow-agnostic platform integrates seamlessly into existing ERP workflow or third-party approval systems, ensuring only accurate data is processed.

Sign up to this free webinar to learn more about how a partnership with Pagero can complement your Workflow system and help your clients achieve 100 % electronic invoices from day one.

  • About Pagero
  • Pagero for AP Automation including

    • Managed Invoice OCR
    • Supplier web portal
  • Pagero partner program

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Contact webinar speaker Kristin Hahne to learn more about how to digitalise your invoice process

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