///Partner with Pagero for the Italian mandates
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Partner with Pagero for the Italian mandates

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Time and date

June 26, 10:00 – 10:45 AM (CEST)

About the webinar

In January 2019 Italy made B2B and B2C e-invoicing mandatory (in addition to the already existing B2G e-invoice mandate), which naturally was supported by Pagero. Now, Italy is continuing its digitalsation initiative, extending the e-document requirements with the upcoming E-order Mandate for suppliers to the Italian National Healthcare System (SSN).

Pagero has in the past few years invested heavily in extending the reach of our network to all corners of the world for the benefits of our customers and partners. As one of the principal advocates of interoperability and openness, Pagero now invites all industry colleagues to leverage the Pagero Network for the benefit of your customers and partners. Learn how Pagero can help both you, your customers, and partners stay compliant in Italy through an e-invoice and e-order partnership with Pagero.


  • The current situation in Italy: e-invoicing.
  • The last updates and scope of the Italian e-order mandate, who is affected and how.
  • How Pagero supports Italy
  • How Pagero can help you help your customers
  • The Partnership Model
  • Q&A

Want to learn more

Contact webinar speaker Fredrik Rosenqvist to learn more about partnering with Pagero.

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