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Pagero for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is currently under an unprecedented level of pressure and change with a requirement to achieve far more with diminishing resources. Medical advances mean that people are living for far longer (many with long term chronic conditions) and have a greater expectation of access to new and innovative treatments eliciting a higher standard of living.

Governments remain under huge pressure to sustain the healthcare systems for their citizens spending large percentages of their GDP on healthcare provision.

Therefore, intelligent and planned choices need to be made to prioritise and optimise how public money is used to deliver best value to the communities and patients that they serve. This means that there needs to be transparency in how that money is spent and that these transactions not be reliant upon manual effort that increases the costs of business.


Despite the obstacles, many hospital organisations, confronted by compelling reasons for modernisation, are beginning to break down the barriers and build lean and robust supply chains that support the strategic directives of the organisations and communities that they serve. They have realised and understood that the supply chain is not a department nor is it a self-contained function. The supply chain is an integral part of healthcare delivery. A well-run and efficient supply chain can empower better management in a hospital and lead to the provision of healthcare more efficiently, at a lower cost, and ultimately with better patient outcomes. The supply chain, and by association procurement and Accounts Payable has become a good indicator of hospitals’ performance and management.


Suppliers are under conflicting pressures to increase innovation and reduce unit cost meaning that they have to focus more than ever on the efficiency of their supply chain. Improving order processing, invoicing and the whole purchase to pay system not only lowers their own cost base but enables them to help hospitals reduce their own costs and improve the care of patients they serve, helping them to differentiate themselves not just on the clinical efficacy of their products but on their strategic value.

Our offering to the healthcare industry:

  • E-invoice, e-print and PDF via mail invoice services that meets the needs of all customer
  • A single connection to reach your trading partners
  • A single connection to reach your suppliers
  • Invoice content enrichment services to meets the specific invoice content requirements of Healthcare
  • Content validation and enrichment services that delivers a Touchless Process for handling supplier invoices
  • Delivery and Archive services for original supplier invoices and attachments

For more details about the above mentioned services, please visit our e-invoice section.

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