///Pagero Oy celebrates 5-year anniversary

Pagero Oy celebrates 5-year anniversary


Toni Pihamaa, Country Manager, Pagero Oy

In 2010, Pagero established operations in Finland as part of the company’s strategy to become a Nordic player. Pagero already had operations in Norway and it was a natural step to also open an office in Finland.

In 5 years, Pagero Oy has established itself as a major Finnish provider of e-commerce services, with a rapid increase of both the number of customers and the volumes handled.

“The market has recognized our strengths: high quality services and excellent customer support as well as the simplicity in reaching all the company’s business partners via one single connection to Pagero Online. The customers do not need to have several service providers to get what we can offer, “says Toni Pihamaa, Country Manager, Pagero Oy.

“Our goal is to continue to develop to be able to offer our customers even better services and support,” continues Jusa Koski, KAM, Pagero Oy.

“Over the past five years, the Pagero group has not only established itself as a Nordic player but also a European or even global player,” says Toni Pihamaa. “If the development continues according to our plans, we see no obstacles for us to become the leading operator in the Nordic region and a well-established partner for our global customers in a near future.”

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