The OpenPEPPOL general assembly took place 15-16 October 2019, where Pagero and numerous key stakeholders (e.g. PEPPOL Access Points) joined together to hear the latest news from the PEPPOL Community. The infrastructure for exchanging electronic business documents will undergo changes in branding and terminology, as well as significant changes in the prerequisites for Certified Access Points.

Some Access Points (AP) will likely fail to meet the 1 January/1 February 2020 deadline of the new requirements and will no longer be permitted to send and receive documents via PEPPOL. Customer traffic will either be rerouted to a qualifying AP, or customers must change APs completely. Pagero will meet the deadline for all the changes and is ready to assist others who won’t make the cut.

Rebranding and terminology

In a move to evolve from a European infrastructure to a global brand, the acronym of PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) has been replaced with a new name and slogan: Peppol: “the future is open.”

In addition, the concept of, and term “Access Point” will be removed as of January 1st. Entities qualified to send and receive documents inside Peppol will be called “Peppol Service Providers” or simply “Service Providers.” Current Access Points need to be certified according to new standards in order to take up the title of Service Provider.

New communication protocol

By 1 January 2020, all Certified Peppol Service Providers are required to communicate using Peppol Bis Billing 3.0 and (by 1 February 2020) use AS4 as the mandated communication protocol. As of early October, only 40% of all APs have migrated to Peppol Bis Billing 3.0. Furthermore, only about 40 of more than 260 APs are presently using AS4 to exchange electronic business documents. Pagero meets all the above requirements and Pagero customers do not have to take any action to remain Peppol-compliant.

With only two months remaining until the aforementioned changes start taking place, Service Providers are dwindling as they struggle to meet the new requirements. Customers should be aware of the status of their current AP and stay informed of their options in the case that their old AP can no longer meet their Peppol needs.

What can Pagero do for you?

Are you an Access Point or a customer of an Access Point that won’t make the updates in time? Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you!

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