Swedish Financial Management Authority ESV (Ekonomistyrningsverket) has published their yearly interim report of the agency’s two government commissions that supports the Swedish government’s digitisation efforts. The report states that the public sector in Sweden does not use the digitisation possibilities enough to reach the government’s targets.

ESV suggests measures to contribute to the increased digitisation of the public sector in Sweden:

  • The government should actively work to establish a national digital infrastructure
  • Swedish public authorities need to get and take greater responsibility for digitisation
  • Sweden needs a digitisation authority

At the same time, another interim report is published: “Efficient control of national digital services in public administration”, pointing out ESV as the authority that is the best suited to take overall responsibility for the digitisation of the Swedish public sector.

“Such a mission would be a major challenge for ESV, but we also see that many of the tasks that the report proposes go very well together with the work we already do,” says Kristina Lundqvist, GD, ESV. “If we look at how our neighbour countries have worked to endorse public digitisation, we see that in many cases, they have come further than we have. They also usually given one player overall responsibility for the digitalisation of the public sector. I think that Sweden should go that way as well.”

“We are seeing an increased interest in our services to the public sector and we are very positive about establishing a digitisation authority in Sweden. Digitisation is an important social force for change and Sweden needs to have one player responsible for developing and prioritising the digital landscape”, says Mattias Enerbäck, Strategic Account Manager – Public Sector, Pagero.

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