///Increasing interest in e-commerce and PEPPOL in Sweden
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Increasing interest in e-commerce and PEPPOL in Sweden

2018-09-14T14:21:43+00:00March 1st, 2016|News|

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV) has investigated the status of the Swedish public sector’s work with e-commerce and PEPPOL. In their report to the government, they state that over 50% of the public authorities in Sweden were connected to PEPPOL at the end of 2015.

The report also states that many public authorities are actively working to improve their use of e-commerce to streamline their purchasing processes. The work to connect more public authorities and suppliers will continue in order to meet the future requirements stating that all public agencies in Sweden should be connected to PEPPOL in November 2018. ESV will monitor the progress and publish status reports every six months.

“The interest in PEPPOL from both the public and private sectors has increased tremendously since ESV published the decision on legal requirements in 2018. We receive many requests and a lot of people sign up to our seminars on PEPPOL to get more information”, says Karin Lidberg, Product Owner and responsible for PEPPOL at Pagero. “Our customers can already now meet the requirements, because Pagero is an approved PEPPOL access point. Through our network Pagero Online, our customers can reach all the registered PEPPOL recipients, both in Sweden and internationally.”

Read more about ESV’s report (in Swedish)

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