///Legislation in Sweden on e-invoices to the public sector from year 2019
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Legislation in Sweden on e-invoices to the public sector from year 2019

2018-09-21T09:44:19+00:00July 10th, 2017|News|

The Swedish government has now put to a legislative proposal into motion based on the Swedish digitisation authority Ekonomistyrningsverket’s (ESV) report from 2015. Should it be adopted, the proposal from the government marks a clear step forward for digitisation in Sweden.

The proposal is an ambitious one, as it goes a step further than what the EU directive on electronic invoicing towards the public sector requires. It not only calls on suppliers towards the public sector to send electronic invoices, but in fact makes it a legal requirement. Because of this proposal from the government, ESV will now focus their efforts on providing information and support to businesses that need to adapt their routines and practices to comply with this legal requirement. Here, the Swedish collaboration Single Face To Industry (SFTI) will play a crucial role in education and technical support when needed.

More than half of the public-sector invoices are already electronic according to ESV and the Swedish municipalities and county councils. The efforts made so far towards a digital transition in Sweden have yielded results, but it is still a lower level than our Nordic neighbors, who all send more than 70 per cent of invoices from suppliers to the public sector electronically. Through this legislation, that gap is likely to be effectively addressed.

“We are pleased that the government has accepted ESV’s recommendation and put it to a legislative motion, as this is completely in line with the work we are doing within our business today. The EU directive is a step in the right direction, but a national legal requirement would make it clear that digitisation is a prioritized matter in Sweden. “, Says Mattias Enerbäck, Strategic Account Manager – Public Sector, Pagero.

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