On April 18th, 2019, Lithuania will launch an e-invoicing module for the new national e-invoice standard, which will enable contracting authorities and entities to receive and process EN (European Norm) compatible electronic invoices.

Suppliers will be able to send e-invoices to contracting authorities via service providers, provided they are using PEPPOL AS4 communication and that they are a certified PEPPOL (Access Point).

The timelines of the new standard will be as follows:

  • From April 18th, 2018, all contracting authorities are obliged to receive and process EN compatible e-invoices
  • From April 18th, 2019, all suppliers to contracting authorities are obliged to issue only EN compatible e-invoices

The eSaskaita is a central information intermediary that performs the service of receiving and sending electronic invoices and accompanying documents between suppliers and public contracting authorities in Lithuania. The suppliers will be able to submit their invoices in three ways:

  • Manually, by keying in the invoice information in an online portal,
  • By uploading files in XML format, which requires that the economic operator’s accounting system is suitable for storing e-invoices in this standard, and
  • By submitting e-invoices via a PEPPOL-certified Access Point utilising AS4 communication protocol.

eSaskaita will be accepting e-invoices that comply with EN 16931, namely PEPPOL BIS 3.

“Lithuania is one of several European countries adopting PEPPOL to comply with the upcoming requirements of EU Directive 2014/55”, said Trent Targa, Compliance Manager at Pagero. “Pagero is following the development of different European countries’ standards closely, and we are ready to support our customers as more countries work to meet the eProcurement Directive deadline in April 2019.”

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