Are you using Nordea and can create ISO20022 files in accordance with the SEPA End Date Regulation but have problems handling Secure Envelope to seal the files before you send them to the bank? We can take care of it for you!

With Pagero’s payment service, you create the company’s payment files as usual in your financial system and save them in a designated folder. With predefined time intervals, Pagero’s service retrieves the files in the folder, add the seal Secure Envelope to them and then delivers them to Nordea.

The service can also remove the seal from reporting files before they are delivered to a designated folder on the company server.

With this solution, companies using Nordea can send their payment files 100% electronically to Nordea. If there is need to sign the file, this is handled as usual in Nordea’s Internet bank.

Please contact us for more information:

Josefin Holmgren
Key Account Manager Pagero Payment Solutions
+46 (0) 31 730 88 61