///Pagero approved “Best Practice” access point by Difi

Pagero approved “Best Practice” access point by Difi

Pagero has been approved as a Best Practice access point by the Norwegian PEPPOL authority Difi (Direktoratet for Forvaltning og ITK).

An approved Best Practice access point fulfils Difi’s demands on best practice for file handling, registration of new recipients in Elma and providing relevant user information.

Pagero is also one of the few access points that support all of the EHF formats (EHF catalogue, EHF order, EHF order confirmation, EHF delivery note and EHF invoice/credit note).

“We are very pleased to receive this authorization. We always work to make our customers feel confident when using us as an access point and Difis approval is a proof that we are heading in the right direction,” says Karin Lidberg, Product Owner, R&D, Pagero.

For more information on approved Best Practice access points and the formats they support, please visit Difis website.

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