Pagero is proud to announce that it has received government approval to become a PEPPOL Access Point in Singapore. This follows the government’s decision earlier this year to adopt PEPPOL as the nationwide e-invoicing standard. Singapore is about to become one of the fastest adopters of the widespread PEPPOL infrastructure, originally an EU project for government-driven digitalisation.

While Singapore has enforced e-invoicing for suppliers of government agencies (B2G) since 2018, at present, no such mandate is in place for business-to-business invoicing. PEPPOL allows businesses to send their cross-border invoices through a standardised and secure, but most importantly, interoperable network. The government’s implementation of PEPPOL therefore offers businesses in Singapore an opportunity to use government-driven digitalisation to leverage the benefits of digitalisation across their entire operations.

As a PEPPOL Access Point and a trusted advisor to PEPPOL authorities across Europe as well as to the Singaporean government, Pagero is uniquely placed to help businesses utilise the full value of digitalisation.

“Our open, cloud-based network allows businesses to fully digitalise their operations, no matter what existing systems and processes they have in place,” explained Bengt Nilsson, CEO at Pagero. “With complete digitalisation, businesses can make better business decisions, improving their operational efficiency and performance overall. Additionally, Pagero’s compliance service across borders helps businesses achieve local compliance globally, no matter how many borders they cross.”

“Singapore is a regional hub within the Asia-Pacific, and we are excited to be a part of developing and implementing this new infrastructure from the ground up”, said Jonas Edlund, Co-founder & VP Corporate Development at Pagero. “We are looking forward to the changes taking place in Singapore and the opportunity to give businesses operating in Singapore the capability to improve their business operations, regardless of their current digital capabilities or systems.”

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