Pagero sets up offices in Paris, France, to meet the increased market demand and as yet another step in our ongoing internationalisation process. With local presence, we are also able to offer our local customers improved support.

The French government has decided that it will become mandatory to send e-invoices to all public entities in France from the 1st of January 2017.

This reform comes originally from the Law of Modernization of the Economy (LME) in 2008 and has been intensified by several decisions taken since then. In 2016, a presidential decree was issued, setting up a roadmap of deployment from the 1st of January 2017, based on company size:

  • 1st of January 2017 – large companies and public entities
  • 1st of January 2018 – medium-sized companies
  • 1st of January 2019 – SMEs
  • 1st of January 2020 – very small companies

The whole French public sector (around 78,000 public entities handling a volume of close to 100 million invoices annually) will receive the e-invoices through a centrally managed platform called CHORUS PRO, which is already operational for large corporations since 2010.

Fredrik Rosenqvist, Vice President Partner & Alliances, comments on how Pagero can help businesses comply.

Pagero has made an integration towards CHORUS PRO and all companies affected by the legal requirement will be able to reach the French public sector through Pagero Online from the 1st of January 2017.

“The upcoming legal demands and the fact that France is one of the largest economies in Europe, makes it naturally for us to establish operations in the country”, says Fredrik Rosenqvist, VP Partner & Alliances, Pagero. “With the experience of connecting suppliers and buyers digitally in our network, together with our technical platform Pagero Online being prepared for the French market, I look very much forward to enter the region.”

“I am very happy to see the Pagero galaxy growing”, says Thierry Amadieu, Senior Advisor, Pagero France. “With Pagero, companies around Europe affected by the requirements will easily be able to reach the French public sector without making any major changes to their e-invoicing system or ERP. The annual volume of invoices sent to the French public sector gives an idea of the dramatic ramp-up the platform will face in the next few years and I am looking forward to be a part of that journey with Pagero.”

Read more about the French decree

For more information, please contact:

Mr Thierry Amadieu, Senior Advisor, Pagero France
+33 761 312 233