///Pagero France partners with French digitisation specialist Sendao
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Pagero France partners with French digitisation specialist Sendao

2018-09-21T09:36:13+00:00May 10th, 2017|News|

Pagero France takes yet another step in establishing Pagero in the French market by partnering with Sendao, specialised in helping French companies to answer to electronic RFPs.

Thanks to this partnership, Pagero and Sendao can now offer their customers in the private sector a complete digitisation service, including both simplified filing of electronic responses to public tenders and electronic handling of the invoices that follow once the process is up and running.

“The French market of today is characterised by a very large number of different buyer profiles, each one with their own way to operate, which complicates the response process for companies in the private sector”, says Ludovic Lefèvre , Co-founder, Sendao. “Our solution gives them the possibility to upload their answer to our platform with a few clicks. Then we transfer it to the correct buyer profile. This simplified process can save as much as forty minutes on each operation for the user.”

“The partnership with Sendao gives Pagero a great possibility to offer French companies in the private sector a streamlined document handling process when it comes to public procurement”, says Carlos Romero, Head of Sales, Pagero France. “Our offers and our experience within the public sector go very well together and I am looking forward our future cooperation.”

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