Pagero has decided to join the Odette Network in efforts to expand its reach into the automotive industry. Becoming a member of the automotive services platform will allow Pagero to share experiences, services and technology, as well as learn how to make a positive impact on the automotive industry.

Enterprises connected to the Pagero network are often tied to trading partners, suppliers, buyers or subcontractors which do not necessarily belong to the automotive industry themselves. Pagero aims to close this gap by helping businesses easily connect to all the right trading partners while fulfilling regional and industry obligations.

Digitalisation challenges in the automotive industry

The traditional and well-established automotive industry faces new challenges in meeting technical and legal requirements in the era of digitalisation. Supply chains and ERPs associated with the industry must meet new requirements from trading partners and legislation. Many of these challenges are directly related to the exchange of business documents such as electronic invoices and order messages.

Peppol, widely chosen by governments and private businesses as the common infrastructure for sending and receiving electronic business documents, will hit the automotive industry regardless of the existing digital capabilities and solutions. E-invoicing mandates are rapidly being put into effect worldwide, and the industry will need to be prepared to participate in the compliant exchange of B2G, and in some cases B2B, business documents.

Solutions for efficient, compliant operations

Pagero aims to make its mark in the automotive industry by applying extensive experience in compliant business messaging. Providing sufficient services to assist suppliers and buyers with Peppol and other mandated models and requirements, Pagero strives to fill the existing gaps in technology, services, compliance and reach. With Pagero’s cloud-based business messaging solutions, businesses can become and stay compliant with all governmental infrastructures while improving the efficiency of their operations.

“We are excited to join the Odette Network and to be an active player within the within the automotive supply chain. Providing effective e-invoicing and business messaging solutions for the automotive industry is a natural move for Pagero, so we’re looking forward to working closely with Odette,” says Fredrik Rosenqvist, Chief Relationship Officer at Pagero.

“Odette Sweden warmly welcomes Pagero as a new member! Pagero has a long history working with the public sector and understands the need for a straightforward way to exchange electronic business documents. They will bring knowledge from that sector to Odette, and we in turn can provide knowledge and network within the automotive industry to Pagero. We look forward to working with Pagero, not least of all to develop synthesis between our industries, and have a lot to learn from each other,” says Michael Bogren, CEO of Odette Sweden.

About Odette

Odette is a pan-European collaboration and services platform working for the entire automotive network. We bring together supply chain professionals and technology experts to create standards, develop best practice and provide services which support logistics management, e-business communications and engineering data exchange throughout the world. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the European automotive industry within the global economy.

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