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Pagero launches price catalogue

Pagero launches support for the message type price catalogue in Pagero Online and takes one step further towards helping our customers to handle their entire e-business flow via one single channel!

Our customers can now send and receive price catalogues, purchase/customer orders, order responses, dispatch advices and invoices electronically via Pagero Online.

Many companies spend a lot of time and resources handling price catalogue information. If the buyer cannot handle the catalogue format sent by the supplier, the format needs to be adjusted before the data is imported into the buyer’s system. Sometimes, the information is manually entered into the system, which is both time consuming and increases the risk of errors.

Pagero’s customers create their price catalogues as usual in their system, in the format that they can handle. They are then sent to the buyer via Pagero Online. In Pagero Online, the price catalogues are interpreted and converted to the desired format before they are forwarded to the recipients, who can import the information directly into their system.

By handling prices catalogues via Pagero Online, companies can save time and resources by reducing manual handling. Both buyers and suppliers get increased control, knowing that all orders are based on correct price information. Reduced manual handling and accurate order information provides better data for monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore, it decreases the risk of maverick purchasing (purchases made outside of current contracts or procurement processes), since the purchaser can be guided into proper behavior by making it easier to place orders directly from their system with correct prices and article numbers.

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