We are pleased to announce that we have now included additional message types in our popular PDF service. Our PDF service enables companies to quickly and easily access all their business partners, regardless of their ability to handle electronic messages.

Besides invoices and payment reminders, our customers can now send order confirmations and shipping notifications in PDF format via Pagero Online.

The sender creates the messages as usual in the system and sends them to Pagero Online. In Pagero Online, they are automatically sorted and recipients that can receive electronic messages receive them electronically in their desired format. Other messages are sent as PDF to the recipient’s predefined email account.

“We are pleased to offer our customers an enhanced PDF service”, says Karin Lidberg, Product Owner, Pagero Group. “More and more companies choose to use our order service and for this reason, it is a natural step to also include orders messages in our offering. Our plan is to add more order message types in our PDF service in the future.”