We are happy to announce newly added features to Pagero Online. Read more to find out what changes have been made to the Payment, Analytics, and Pagero Web Portal services, and the benefits that come along with them!

Payments made easier worldwide

The Web Payment interface recently had a makeover to align with the new interface of Pagero Online. The fine-tuned format is designed to make the payment process more user-friendly for payment service customers.

In more big news, we have integrated Freja eID into our service offerings to make signing payment files easier for companies with international operations. Freja eID allows for two-factor authorisation across borders with the highest level of security an e-ID can provide.

Finally, service bureau customers now have more options within the platform. Users can view all clients and a search functionality—a simple way to track and manage all entities when configuring clients in the group. For additional help overseeing multiple clients, customers can choose to receive supplier reconciliation not only as one file per client, but also as one large customer payment file for all clients.

Continuous improvements on analytics

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping make business easier and more transparent, we have made improvements on the Analytics Dashboard. The new features include:

  • Distribution (%) for print/scanning for multi-company now reflects the number of transactions per company in relation to overall group distribution;
  • Added filter options, Country and Currency, for more efficient search functionality;
  • For Swedish users, Swedish translations are now available on the dashboard and other local languages will be added shortly.

Creating invoices made clearer

We’ve made some changes to the Create Invoice tab on the Pagero Web Portal that provide added useful information as well as ensure data accuracy.

  • Users will now be informed if any recipient data has been changed in order to confirm correct data is being stored in saved templates;
  • A progress bar now displays the status of a sent invoice, eliminating the risk of a time out for slower connections;
  • A calculation for withholding tax has been added and is displayed in the Invoice Total summary for easy view.

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