///Pagero PEPPOL Access Point for Hewlett Packard in Austria

Pagero PEPPOL Access Point for Hewlett Packard in Austria

From January 1st 2014, the Austrian public sector only accepts e-invoices from their suppliers.

Pagero was the first service provider in production as a PEPPOL access point to send e-invoices to the Austrian public sector.

Since 2014, Hewlett Packard uses Pagero’s services to send electronic invoices to the public sector in Austria using a fully automated e-flow service to over 40 different government units. The solution complies with the tax and legal requirements, including archiving, which are required by both parties.

In a news bulletin on PEPPOL’s website, Thomas Bonwetsch, Program Manager e-invoicing at Hewlett Packard, tells more about the solution. He emphasizes the benefits of using PEPPOL’s infrastructure that enables a flexible and standardized way to exchange data. He also highlights the excellent cooperation between Hewlett Packard and Pagero’s team, who with their previous experience of PEPPOL could ensure a smooth implementation, delivered on time.

“As we see it, PEPPOL’s infrastructure is here to stay and will be a key component for future e-commerce in the public sector. We invest in developing our connection to PEPPOL to ensure that our offer is not limited to individual countries’ demands but works for all companies and organizations regardless of industry or geography”, said Thom Birkeland, Vice President R&D, Pagero AB.

PEPPOL’s news bulletin

The full interview with Thomas Bonwetsch (PDF)

PEPPOL’s website

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