Pagero updates are your source to keep up with the latest new features and enhanced functions of Pagero’s digitalisation services. In July, they announce exciting developments in Pagero Online: new document types, analytics updates and more intuitive e-banking.

New Document Types

Pagero Online is now equipped to work with even more document types:

Receipt advice

The receipt advice, also known as receiving advice, goods receipt notice or goods receiving note (GRN), allows the recipient to state approved goods, shortage from the claimed dispatch or goods rejected for a given reason. With a “goods receipt process,” customers benefit from an excellent way of tracking goods and ensuring that payments are only made for goods received in satisfactory condition and in a cost-efficient manner beneficial to all parties.

Order agreement

The order agreement, also known as pre-agreed order or variation order request, represents the combined information of an order and an order response. The order agreement is sent by the supplier to the buyer.

Transportation Status

Transportation status serves as a status update for shipments and forms the basis for accurate track and trace.

Utility Statement (UTS)

The Utility Statement (UTS), supplements an invoice with information about consumption of the utility´s services. An invoice may refer to one or more UTS and a UTS may refer to one or more invoices.


New in Analytics, Pagero recently released the Environmental Dashboard to all Pagero Online customers. With the Dashboard, customers can track savings of paper, energy savings in kWh, reduction in CO2 emissions, as well as driven kilometres by car. Future developments will also include the ability to track environmental savings linked to all e-documents exchanged within the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.

In addition, Pagero Analytics is now easier to navigate than ever with the addition of a sub-menu to quickly jump between all the dashboards.

Further developments in Analytics include:

  • added business IDs for companies that wish to group trading partners (customers/suppliers) using these parameters;
  • responsive world map displaying location of trading partners;
  • large exports now supported on the platform.


In the continuous quest towards simpler online payments, Pagero has made updates to their e-banking application. Customer can now benefit from:

  • ability to group and sort by account, date, currency, etc.;

  • filter and search functions for payments in the selected file by date, debtor account, references, etc.;
  • support of custom file name when fetching reconciliation files.

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