Public procurement suppliers in Slovenia must now send their e-invoices to recipients in the European Standard (EN) via the Public Payments Administration (UJP) platform, which is now linked to the Peppol network. UJP is a single entry or exit point for the exchange of e-invoices issued and received by budget users. As one of the earliest adopters of B2G e-invoicing, this latest development follows the 2015 mandate by the Government of Slovenia requiring all suppliers to the Slovenia public sector to submit e-invoices.

The mandates apply to the following:

  • Budget users, who must receive e-invoices, and issue e-invoices if the e-invoice recipient is another budget user; and

  • All those who do business with budget users to send e-invoices for supplied goods and services.

e-SLOG, “Elektronsko poslovanje slovenskega gospodarstva” (Electronic Commerce in the Slovene Economy) was initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The project involved experts from more than 90 companies with the aim of preparing and implementing the standards for e-commerce of companies related to order forms, delivery notes and invoices in the XML format.

Significant changes in e-SLOG 2.0 from e-SLOG 1.6 include:

  • Sending invoices with an eSignature is no longer required, as was enforced previously with eSlog 1.6;
  • Consolidated invoices are no longer supported;
  • It is no longer necessary to enter the recipient’s bank account number; and
  • The format supports more data elements, enabling greater process automation.

While e-invoices should be received and issued by budget users only through the UJP platform, suppliers will be able to submit their invoices in three ways:

  • Manually, by keying in their invoice information directly into the UJPnet portal;
  • Via email, by submitting them to UJP in XML format; or
  • By contracting an e-invoicing service provider that has either a direct connection with UJP or is a Peppol access point.

UJP also accepts e-invoices that comply with EN 16931-1, namely Peppol BIS 3.0.

”Slovenia has long been in the forefront of e-invoicing in Europe. We are excited to see that, with implementation of the Directive 2014/55/EU, the benefits of easy, open and transparent cross-border trade will now be possible. This change will as well benefit the local companies who would trade or plan trade with other counties or who were looking to modernise their processes,” says Nazar Paradivskyy, VP Compliance and Interoperability at Pagero.

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