///Termination of Difi’s Ehandelsplattform agreement in favor of open infrastructure

Termination of Difi’s Ehandelsplattform agreement in favor of open infrastructure

When Difi’s agreement with Capgemini IBX to run the e-commerce platform Ehandelsplattformen expires in June 2018, it will not be extended, announces Difi on their website. Difi is now opening up for an open infrastructure, which gives companies the possibility to choose their own service provider.

Today’s agreement on a central e-commerce platform for the public sector is in use since 2009 and was initiated in 2001.

“Difi signed a central agreement when the market for e-commerce was immature. The situation is different now, with common standards (EHF) and an open infrastructure. There is no longer need for a central agreement as long as the services can be delivered by multiple suppliers in a well-functioning market”, says Jostein Engen, Senior Advisor, Difi.

“The removal of the mandatory use of Ehandelsplattformen increases flexibility and makes it easier for all suppliers to the public sector in Norway to reach their customers. We can already see an increased interest from our customers who have been dependent on manual handling via Ehandelsplattformen and we expect a large increase in electronic traffic to the Norwegian healthcare regions shortly”, says Erik Stening, Account Manager Public Sector, Pagero.

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