As 2019 draws to an end, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and partners for making 2019 such a successful year!

With the world moving towards an increasingly complex, digital environment, we are proud to have helped our customers achieve their targets of 100% paperless, automated and global operations. In doing so, we’ve seen Pagero expand to more than 330 employees in over 20 offices around the world.

As governments around the world sought to improve transparency and tax compliance, this year saw the introduction of many new local mandates and legal requirements. To ensure our customers not only met the demands of the changing business landscape but also retained their positions as industry leaders, Pagero invested over 150 000 hours into R&D, releasing over 2000 new deployments and 27 new micro-services.

But our focus hasn’t just been on digitalisation and automation. We believe that technology is fundamental to sustainability and resource efficiency. It is only with technology – and the transparency and real-time visibility that it facilitates – that we can truly achieve our vision of the responsible production and consumption of resources. In addition to helping our customers achieve their sustainability and green goals, we’re proud to have saved over 475 hectares of trees through the transactions that passed through our network during this year alone!

As part of our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources, this year we have decided to make a donation to Basecamp Explorer – an eco-tourism operator that seeks to empower local communities within the Maasai Mara, Kenya to become resilient towards the negative effects of climate change. Our donation will help plant trees as part of their sustainable reforestation program.

Again, thank you for making 2019 our best year yet, and we look forward to sharing in your successes in 2020!

Happy holidays
The Pagero Team

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