///Two new PEPPOL authorities: Fedict and Department of Health
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Two new PEPPOL authorities: Fedict and Department of Health

2018-09-20T14:14:12+00:00April 12th, 2016|News|

PEPPOL authorities are working on behalf of OpenPEPPOL to develop and promote the use of PEPPOL on a national level.

Since before, there are five PEPPOL authorities: OpenPEPPOL AISBL, ESV in Sweden, Difi in Norway, DIGST in Denmark and SimplerInvoicing in the Netherlands. Fedict in Belgium and the Department of Health in England have now become PEPPOL authorities as well.

Fedict is the Belgian federal public service for information and communication technology. Fedict is responsible for Mercurius, the gateway that receives all invoices for Belgian public entities and distributes them to their receivers. The plan is to connect Mercurius to PEPPOL during 2016. Together with other public and private organisations and federations, Fedict will promote the PEPPOL network in Belgium.

The Department of Health will act as the PEPPOL authority for the NHS in England, focusing on promoting the development of a standardized e-procurement network. The Department of Health will ensure compliance with PEPPOL’s legal framework for access points that provide services to NHS. The Department of Health will also set up a centralised SMP (a registry for PEPPOL recipients), listing all NHS Trusts and suppliers capable of receiving PEPPOL messages.

”It is very positive that there are now more PEPPOL authorities that can promote and develop the network in each country”, says, Karin Lidberg, Product Owner and responsible for PEPPOL at Pagero. “It is a clear sign of the increasing interest in PEPPOL in Europe. We also see it on the fact that the number of access points and SMPs has increased a lot during the last year.”

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