Gosocket (Pagero Group) accredited as a PAC in Panama

12 January 2023

The DGI has authorized the Pagero Group to act as an accredited service provider (PAC) in Panama through Gosocket.

Panama continues to move forward with the implementation of electronic invoicing in the country. Since 2021 taxpayers have had the option to voluntarily join the e-invoicing regime SFEP. From January 2022, all newly registered taxpayers must issue e-invoices. As of 2023, some taxpayers in selected industries will also have to comply with the issuance of e-invoices.

As we know, Panama chose to establish a delegated pre-clearance CTC model in the country, similar to the models in Mexico and Guatemala. This implies that the DGI, the General Directorate of Revenue, gives accreditation to some service providers in the country to clear (approve) all e-invoices on the DGI’s behalf. These service providers are known as PACs (Sp.: Proveedor de Autorización Calificado), and Gosocket, which is part of Pagero Group, has become one of them.

“With Gosocket’s extensive coverage in Latin America, Pagero offers its customers and partners a global reach, supporting companies on both local and international levels. Our joint expertise and being an accredited service provider add to help businesses ensure compliance with this region’s dynamic regulatory landscape.” says Nazar Paradivskyy, VP Regulatory Affairs at Pagero.

About Gosocket

Gosocket is the leading platform in Latin America for the electronic exchange of documents based on a digital signature, and it has been developed according to the regulations established by the tax administration of each country. Thanks to its 19 years of experience in facilitating and providing electronic invoicing, Gosocket’s independent network provides engagement and transactions between suppliers and buyers centred in invoice management.

Gosocket envisions an open and secure business network, recognizing the value and power of economic integration and digitalization. For more information, visit

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