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16 December 2022

As we move into the holiday season, it is my pleasure to summarize the year and take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to all of you. And, of course, to wish you all the very best for the New Year.

It has been an exciting year for us at Pagero. We’ve made numerous product updates and continued investing in organisation and technology. In the first 9 months, we have grown the team by 130 people and welcomed over 3,000 customers to Pagero Network. We are in a technology race in a rapidly evolving industry, and we are investing in a journey to become the world’s largest network for business-to-business communication.

Throughout 2022, we have seen an increase in new e-invoicing and CTC regulations entering into force, presenting new challenges and opportunities for businesses worldwide. Going into 2023, we will continue supporting companies on all continents and help them to be fully compliant by focusing on efficiency resulting in automated processes.

Setting up operations in Poland

In 2022 we established operations in Poland as a response to the new mandate requiring taxpaying businesses to issue and receive invoices electronically. At this point, we’re one of the few global service providers with their feet on the ground in the local market. This year, we have been able to support international businesses with operations in the country, helping them fulfil the requirements of the KSeF mandate. We look forward to continuing to support Polish organizations during the next year and beyond.

We’re continuing to grow in Latin America

I’m also excited that our operations in Latin America are expanding rapidly. The merger with Gosocket last year unlocked an entirely new continent for our customers, adding ten countries in the region with government-compliant e-invoicing capabilities. Latam consists of the most mature clearance-focused markets in the world, yet still dynamic with frequent changes in the regulatory framework. With Gosocket on board, Pageros offerings can now include an even more complete global offering from one vendor.

Becoming an acknowledged Peppol provider in Japan

To operate as a Peppol Service Provider in Japan, you must have dedicated approval from the local Digital Agency. We received this acknowledgement in August of this year following a process of evaluation, and we can now help customers and partners fulfil upcoming requirements in one of the world’s largest economies.

Keeping an eye on regulatory changes in 2023

The world is changing rapidly, and countries worldwide are announcing new regulations around e-invoicing and CTC at a previously unseen pace. Serbia and Romania are introducing e-invoicing mandates in 2023, and Saudi Arabia will launch phase 2 of the countrywide e-invoicing mandate. It is also time to start preparing for mandates in Poland, France, Belgium and Denmark.

With the new year approaching quickly, we have recently published our Regulatory Forecast for 2023 that you can download for free to learn about all upcoming regulations in 2023 and beyond.

Becoming ISO certified

The integrity of our customers and partners is our top priority and we always pursue the highest levels of security for our services. As one of a few Swedish organizations, our platform has this year received certification for both ISO 27001 and 27701. I believe this proves our dedication to secure handling of customer data. This has been a critical dedication and a significant investment to ensure our delivery of top-of-the-line services.

Expanding our global partner network

I am excited to see the growing interest in e-invoicing from our partner network worldwide, having signed over 40 new partnerships in 2022. This shows that e-document exchange is here to stay and is a testament that the industry continues to value best-of-breed solutions. To continue positioning Pagero as the number one choice for partners, we have expanded our partner program and will continue to invest in this space during next year – all under the tag #one connection global reach.

find out more about our partner ecosystem

More product areas are gaining ground

The past year has seen impressive developments in numerous product areas, particularly within the healthcare sector. I am thrilled to witness this surge in digitalisation and proud that we have this year enabled over 100 additional hospitals to make use of Pagero Network with supporting applications (Apps).

The Nordic e-banking system is accelerated its change into the new future of banking. We launched Pagero Network support for P27 in 2022, which replaces the traditional Swedish payment platform, Bankgirot. P27, a joint effort by major Nordic banks, provides a simpler and more advanced payment option. As it goes live, we have already added support for hundreds of companies.

We are happy to announce an increased interest among freight carriers to connect directly to the Pagero Network platform, embracing their customers’ use of Pagero Apps for ordering and cost-efficient handling of their transport needs.

This has been an exciting year for us at Pagero. It wouldn’t be possible without all the exceptional clients, partners, investors, and colleagues. We acknowledge that it has been a year with issues with the supply chain related to the pandemic and the tragic developments in Ukraine. Despite this, the development of our industry has been good, and we see an accelerating interest in shaping our future world of trade with a resilient, compliant, and robust global supply chain network.

And with that, I wish you all a happy, prosperous 2023!

Bengt Nilsson, CEO, Pagero

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