Pagero’s API

With Pagero’s API, our partners can create an integration between their system and Pagero Online. Their customers can thereby gain access to Pagero Online directly from their system, which simplifies the workflow. We are continuously developing Pagero’s API in order to meet the requirements of our partners and the market.

Pagero’s API support the following functions

  • Register and configure new customers
  • Search for companies in Pagero’s customer and supplier registry
  • Handle invoices, payment reminders, price catalogues, orders, order confirmations and delivery notifications
  • Send files to Pagero Online for distribution to the recipient
  • Receive files in the desired format
  • Control status of files that are being processed
  • View and download the send files in the recipient’s format
  • Possibility to communicate with all Pagero’s customers and customers to operators that we have roaming agreement with


We have chosen to use modern API technology with lightweight protocols and standard security mechanism to facilitate the integration. More specifically, we use:

  • RESTFul technology and JSON data representation
  • TLS secured HTTP (HTTPS) for the data authentication of server resources and encryption of data transfer

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