/Global e-invoicing compliance – how to leverage regulations into a long-term business advantage

Global e-invoicing compliance – how to leverage regulations into a long-term business advantage

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Pagero invites you to watch a webinar covering the latest global trends and policies regarding electronic invoicing. Learn how to leverage regulations into a long-term business advantage.


In the age of budget deficits and increasing tax evasion, governments all over the world are in search of policies and tools to improve state finances. Digitization of business transactions – invoicing in particular – has become one of the most widely used core mechanisms. While underlying reasons are predominantly the same, variations in how different countries have chosen to implement e-invoicing are growing exponentially. These variations make compliant e-invoicing a major challenge for all international organizations.

In this landscape, businesses have two options:

  • remain passive and switch to e-invoicing as a reaction to governmental mandates, or
  • embrace the development as an opportunity to improve processes, profitability and competitiveness.


Pagero’s experts will provide a detailed overview of various global trends and policies, explain how to not make and repeat mistakes when implementing e-invoicing, and, ultimately, how to turn short-term obligations into a long-term advantage.


  1. Introduction to Pagero
  2. E-invoicing: status and policies
  3. E-invoicing: markets and trends – North America, LATAM, Middle East, APAC and EMEA
  4. How Pagero can help your organization become and remain compliant
  5. How to turn e-invoicing to a long-term business advantage
  6. Q&A

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