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Send and receive invoices

All our e-invoice customers communicate via one single platform, Pagero Online. We offer different ways of communicating with Pagero Online, based on your company’s need for automation, invoice volume and company structure:

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Pagero Web Portal

Have you received requests from customers asking you to send them e-invoices? Do you only send a few invoices per year, but need to send e-invoices without any major investments? Then Pagero Web Portal is the right service for you!

Send e-invoices without investing in any software

With Pagero Web Portal, you can create and send your e-invoices quickly and easily online via your Pagero Online account. You don’t need to invest in any software or financial system. All you need is a computer with a web browser connected to the Internet and your login details for Pagero Online.

You create your invoice in an invoice template in the Web Portal. You can save several templates and reuse them at any time. Once you have created an e-invoice, it is stored in Pagero Online and you can review and approve it prior to sending it to the recipient.

You never need to think about which format the recipient wants to receive since all your invoices are automatically converted to the recipient’s preferred format in Pagero Online.

You can also create invoice templates to further facilitate invoice handling.

You can also receive e-invoices

You can also receive e-invoices via Pagero Web Portal. You will be notified by e-mail when you receive an e-invoice. All inbound e-invoices are displayed in a list in Pagero Online. When you click on an e-invoice, detailed information about that invoice will be displayed and you can easily save the e-invoice on your computer.

Pagero Connect

Pagero Connect is an excellent choice for companies that use a financial system and that want to streamline their invoice processing without any changes to existing routines.

Send your invoices quickly and efficiently via your financial system

You create the invoices as usual in your financial system. If the financial system can create e-invoices, you save them to a designated directory on your computer. If not, you print the invoices with Pagero Printer, our virtual printer, which creates a PDF that is subsequently mapped and converted in Pagero Online. In both cases the invoices are securely sent to Pagero Online using Pagero Connect. Pagero Online automatically delivers the e-invoices to your recipients in the format they can process.

You can also receive e-invoices

Pagero Connect can also be used for receiving e-invoices. You select the e-invoice format you want to receive and that suits your financial system. Pagero Online automatically converts all inbound e-invoices to the format you want to receive.

Recommended value added services: PDF invoice via e-mail, external print, e-reminders, e-archive

Pagero Server Connect

Pagero Server Connect allows businesses to both send and receive e-invoices automatically to/from their ERP or workflow system via Pagero Online. Pagero Server Connect is also the correct choice for companies with subsidiaries or companies that need to administer multiple legal entities.

Automatic e-invoice processing directly from your ERP system

The invoices are created in your ERP system as usual. The files are placed in a dedicated directory on the server that is specified by both the ERP system and Pagero Server Connect. At predefined intervals, Pagero Server Connect automatically searches for new invoice files and sends them to Pagero Online. Pagero Online interprets and converts the files into the different formats required by the recipients.

Inbound invoice files are automatically imported into your ERP system via Pagero Server Connect. Notifications for both outbound and inbound invoice files are sent via e-mail to the relevant persons.

Companies with multiple legal entities can also use Pagero Server Connect

Pagero Server Connect can be configured to automatically process invoices for businesses with multiple legal entities, or for groups of companies with subsidiaries. The invoices are sorted into separate directories so that the ERP system can import them for each respective company.

Customer specific communication

Companies that want to communicate directly with Pagero Online via an existing solution can use for example FTP, SFTP, HTTPS and AS2.

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