Send and receive your entire order flow through one channel

Traditional EDI solutions for e-order (or procurement) often involve time-consuming and costly connections for each business partner. These solutions are mainly used between companies handling large order volumes. Smaller to medium order flows are usually handled manually via e-mail, telephone or fax.

Pagero’s e-order solution requires only one connection – to Pagero Online. In Pagero Online you can easily add new business partners yourself so that you can start communicating with them. No manual intervention is required from Pagero and there is no extra cost. We ensure that communication with your business partners works as it should and you can focus on your business.

It makes no difference how large or how small your business partners’ order flows are – everyone can communicate via Pagero Online. You can therefore add all your high volume business partners as well as your low volume business partners and have your entire order flow via one single channel!

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You don’t need to think about order formats

It is not always the case that your business partner can handle the particular file format that you use. In traditional EDI solutions the format issue has to be dealt with manually for each separate customer, which means extra costs. And if either you or your business partner changes or upgrades systems, the format issue has to be resolved once more.

With Pagero, the only file format you need to think about is your own. All order messages that are sent via Pagero Online are automatically converted to the format used by the recipient. This service is included as standard for all our customers. You can send and receive your order messages in the format you use, and your business partners can send and receive in the format they use. Pagero Online takes care of the rest.

We support the most common standard formats for orders and our format library is constantly being expanded. Every new format is automatically made available to all our customers at no extra cost.

We adapt our services to fit your needs

All our customers communicate via a single platform, Pagero Online. In order to meet the variable conditions in which companies operate we have created different ways to communicate with Pagero Online depending on order volume and need for automation. In addition, we offer a number of value added services that can easily be added in order to customise our service to the needs of each individual company.

You get improved control over your flows

Pagero e-order gives you increased control over message flows. Thanks to our receipt management you can be sure that the message has reached the recipient. If you have sent an order you can receive an order response and a despatch advice. All messages that are related to each other are linked, which creates a valuable opportunity to trace what has happened in connection with a particular order retrospectively.

Your orders are in safe hands with us

Pagero Online is highly accessible, and it is as safe to send order messages via Pagero Online as it is to send information via online banking. We guarantee that your order messages will reach the recipient within a set time, and you will automatically receive notification that the message has reached the recipient. You also have free access to Pagero Service & Support Center, should you have any questions about your order services.

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