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Efficient handling of payment files

Our e-payment services help you manage your payment files more efficiently. You do not need to connect to your online banking service, since all your payment files will be sent directly to your bank or clearing house. Our e-payment services are bank independent, which means that even if you change banks, you will not lose any data.

Furthermore, it does not matter which financial- or payroll system you are using. If the system can handle the file format that your bank or clearing house is using, they will be compatible with our services.*

*Please contact Pagero for more information about which banks we can send payment files to.

You get increased control over your flows

Our e-payment services give you overview of and control over your payment files. You will have access to an activity log where you can see what has been done and by whom. When needed, there is also a backup feature that stores a copy of all payment files that have been sent.

Your payments are stored safely

It is just as safe to send files via Pagero’s services as it is through your online banking service. Since our service comes with an approval feature, you can rest assure that only authorised personel will get access to the payment files.

We help you convert your files to the SEPA-format/ISO20022 format

To make it easier to pay in euros, the EU has introduced a new standard for euro payments. From 31 October, all euro payment files have to be in the SEPA-format. If your financial system is not able to create SEPA-files, our e-payment services can help you convert the files into the correct format. In addition to SEPA Pagero has also built support for parts of the ISO20022 XML format.

We are there for you!

Our programs are easy to install and use, but if needed we will help you get started using your e-payment services. You also have free access to Pagero Service & Support Center in case you have any questions regarding your payment files.

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