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Solutions by System
A complete end-to-end solution

Easy and seamless integration

We believe in delivering the best end-to-end solution, no matter which formats, systems or service providers you currently use. That’s why Pagero’s open network is designed for easy and seamless integration into your existing processes. Our innovative platform architecture is constantly updated to enable direct integration with most ERPs and systems, and compatibility with most formats.

Some of the systems we support

Quick and easy rollout

Our dedicated customer integration team has extensive experience connecting systems and ERPs, making sure you’ll get up and running as fast and efficiently as possible. For our cross-border customers, our multi-lingual team operates across time zones, enabling the rollout of a global IT solution quickly and easily.

Multiple methods of connectivity

With detailed implementation guides, we make it easy to set up direct connections between Pagero’s network and existing systems, including FTP/SFTP, AS2, HTTPS and XML. For systems with limited connectivity, we also offer a locally-installed client, Pagero Connect, to enable connectivity with our global network. For customised solutions, our integration framework and Managed Services team can also help develop a setup and implementation solution to meet your specific needs.

Industry-specific solutions

Use our supporting applications and Centres of Excellence to find and implement the best end-to-end solution to meet the specific needs of your industry. Reduce operating costs, improve supply chain management and connect to a global network of trading partners through a single connection to Pagero.

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