Pagero Health Solutions
Ensure patient safety and reduce costs

Developed to meet healthcare needs

Pagero Health Solutions offers a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry. Reach all your healthcare suppliers and customers through a single connection to our global healthcare directory.

Healthcare Centres of Excellence

Pagero’s Health Solutions is supported by our Healthcare Centres of Excellence – local teams dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to connect and exchange e-documents with hospitals, clinics, manufacturers, GPOs, suppliers and vendors. Our dedicated and multi-lingual healthcare teams are available to share industry knowledge and help you set up a personalised on-boarding process for your business partners – no matter where or how they operate.

Pagero has a stable platform and it is a great tool, but it is the people behind it that are the most important assets.

Frederik Madsen, CLS Nordic Logistic & eCapability Manager, Johnson & Johnson AB

Improve efficiency with Pagero Health Solutions

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Transparency across your digital flows

Ensure patient safety with full traceability and transparency across your entire operations. Integrate your existing ERP or IT infrastructure, use our easy-to-use online application or integrate a mobile device to reduce manual handling and processing times and achieve data accuracy. For your non-digital business partners, we offer Pagero Free, a free web portal, as well as data capture services to convert and deliver all documents directly into your existing systems and processes.

Accurate data and reduced cycle times

Manage and update master data across all your channels through our data management application. Ensure you are always accessing accurate article and price data with our full search and update functionality. Combine with our validation and enrichment services to minimise manual handling and reduce your cycle times with an automated end-to-end process.

A single process for global compliance

We don’t believe in limiting business. That’s why we make local compliance easy. Our standardised process means you can achieve and stay locally compliant, no matter how many borders your operations may cross. Our compliance service includes in-depth Country Compliance reports and notifications in real-time of potential irregularities in your active markets. Integrate our applications, such as eArchive and Digital Signature, to extend the compliance functionality of your financial systems.

Our services

Reach all your healthcare trading partners with a single connection to our global healthcare directory. Our services include:

  • Pagero Clearing On Process: Advanced interface where customer specific business rules are created and exception handling take place on any processed e-document

  • Pagero Hospitalshop: Our paperless, web-based requisitioning and ordering system, for streamlining your existing ordering process

  • Pagero Mobile Application: An easy-to-use online scanner solution to enable paperless ordering, warehousing and documentation processes

  • Pagero Data Management: Search, update and manage your article master data across all your channels through our HBS Data Management interface

  • Pagero Price Update: Download, compare, select and update correct price lists from multiple sources with our HBS Price Update interface

Strategic partnerships

We partner with industry leaders to deliver the best solutions across the global healthcare industry