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Gain global reach and flexibility

Want flexibility and freedom across supplies? Or an easy way to support your operations as they expand across borders? Pagero’s manufacturing solutions have been specifically developed to help businesses thrive within the manufacturing industry. We help you keep up with industry-specific innovation and technology, easily connect to new suppliers and trading partners, and ensure compliance with rapidly-changing regulations.

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A single process for global operations

Meet all your business needs with Pagero’s open network and applications, regardless of existing systems and processes, or the systems and capabilities of your suppliers and business partners. Achieve 100% touchless operations, improve data quality, reduce AR and AP cycle times, and free staff and resources for value-added services. Become and remain locally-compliant, no matter how often requirements change or how many borders your operations cross.

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Managed services – supplier onboarding and migration for quick activation

Regardless of where your suppliers may be located, our experienced and multi-lingual on-boarding team can help you get them connected quickly and easily. Operating across multiple time-zones, our team will help develop a personalised onboarding process and provide direct engagement and support to your trading partners to get your 100% digital from day one.

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What we wanted was a service provider that we can use all over the world. Pagero meets our requirements perfectly well, and we believe that they are a company we can keep expanding with throughout the world.
Helmut Stritzinger, Head of Development, Commercial Office Management at Doka
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Aggregate data across systems and company groups – in real time

Pagero’s Reporting and Analytics services mean you can aggregate data across multiple systems and company groups from a single location. Create reports to meet your specific needs, as well as schedule and receive notifications as reports become available. Gain real-time visibility of transactions across your entire operations for better tracking and insights.

Our customers include:

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Our services

Our services for the manufacturing industry include:

  • Pagero network: Our global, open network of suppliers and trading partners

  • Data Validation: Verification at content-level for all inbound and outbound documents

  • Data Enrichment: Our automated enrichment service ensures all fields meet both internal requirements, as well as regulatory needs and those of trading partners

  • Compliance service: Meet mandatory and best-practice requirements, regardless of market or industry

  • Data Capture: Accurately extract and capture all data from non-digital documents (paper and PDF) at header- and line-level

  • PDF and Print Distribution: Reach all customers and trading partners with limited digital capabilities with our email and printed distribution services