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From 1 April 2019, it will become mandatory to send e-invoices to the public sector in Sweden.
As an industry leader, we can help you and your suppliers fulfil these requirements quickly and easily.

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E-invoicing to the public sector via Peppol

The legal requirements for e-invoicing are being implemented in line with an EU directive. The directive that requires that all member states be able to receive and process public sector invoices electronically no later than April 2019. The Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) network has been introduced to Sweden, as well as many other EU member states, to help support this mandate.

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Most actors in the public sector have a solution in place for receiving e-invoices. However, the requirements also affect their suppliers, who may not be able to send invoices electronically. Do you have suppliers who cannot process e-invoices, and who have contacted you for help? Refer them to us, and we will help them to quickly and easily get started with a solution that fulfils the requirements!

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By joining Pagero, you gain instant access to all companies within Peppol’s global directory, as well as those within Pagero’s global network. We work actively with governmental hubs, as well as continuously adding service providers via interoperability agreements, so that you can reach all your business partners through a single connection to our network.

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